Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stubben Edelweiss Equi-Soft Saddle Package

Offered for sale is a lightly used Stubben Edelweiss close contact/ jumping saddle. This saddle features the complete Equi-Soft package as well as the 'New Technology' tree.

Condition: Excellent

Seat Size: 17.5 with the Equi-Soft seat

Flap: S flap for jumping

Tree: 31 cm | NT – Flat seat, narrow twist, short points

Paneling: Wool Flocked

Billets: Short with elastic band to relieve pressure

Stirrup bars: Adjustable

Color: Ebony (dark brown)

Price New: $4000
Price :$1600 for a quick & final sale

Please inquire via email.

Features of this Unique Saddle

Biomechanical tree that adapts to back movement
The seat of the biomechanical tree is divided into two parts: facilitating freedom of movement and relieving pressure on the horse’s back while adapting to the rider’s movement.

Preventative Seat
The biomechanical tree and special seat relieve pudendal nerve pressure, helping to prevent injuries in the reproductive area in both women and men.

Increased ventilation to the horse’s back
The exclusive biomechanical tree improves aeration around the horse’s back, aiding in avoiding overheating muscles.

Multiple stirrup bar positions
The multiple stirrup bar positions swings with the rider’s leg movement. The swinging stirrup is adjustable to four positions allowing the rider to change seat position quickly and easily.  Its distinctive insertion into the tree distributes the weight of the rider in a more effective manner.

Girth straps with elastic bands
The girth straps with elastic rings help relieve pressure, improve breathing, and allow expansion of the horse’s rib cage when needed.

Please inquire via email.